Investing and advice for a better retirement

Whether you need advice with your UK pension or general investing we’re here to help you.


We tailor to the needs of global executives and the expatriate community and provide the highest standards of fiduciary advice.

Transparency and acting
in your best interest

Our approach is simply to provide you with the best investment outcomes possible. We’ll provide you with high quality investing and tell you exactly what everything costs up front and provide you with a clear fee structure.

A low cost, modern investment approach

Low costs are the key to building your pension pot and retirement wealth. Standard investments with the lowest costs perform the best over time as more of your money is invested year after year – boosting growth. 

Brite uses a modern investment platform that keeps costs low so you keep more of your money and as a result – a more comfortable retirement.

Simple and clear

Our advisory management fee is 1% per annum. There’s no hidden extra charges for things such as mutual fund and bond commissions or administration and custodian costs which you may be charged by other companies.

Easy to switch

Get started with a UK pension transfer today or if you’ve already transferred and are not happy with the returns you can easily switch and unlock your pension’s potential.
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We put our tech advanced investment platform and experienced team of asset managers to work for you, with rebalancing tools and strategies that help grow your investments.


Tailor your portfolio with the flexibility to access assets and stocks of your choice, or let our expert team guide you along the way.